About EndTuning

EndTuning was created by Enda Ward. With an interest in how to get more from your vehicle, he spent a lot of time researching the inner secrets of Engine controls, a field where, outside of the producers, information is strictly limited.
Previously working for a national Chiptuning company,and continuing to work side by side with others, You can be assured the very best in service, drawing on vast collective experience.
There are only a handful of courses in the world that will even attempt to get you started into Chiptuning, and those are often limited to a simplified "Front Page" style editing program. In short, you need a lot of time, effort and hard work by yourself before you can start making changes.
The aim of EndTuning, right from the outset, was a simple, honest way of improving the performance of your car. As a result, you now have someone you can trust to get the best from your car, without worrying about quality or safety.
Advice and support is always freely available, time permitting, and our vast range of contacts can make anything happen.
Other services available are electronic datalogging, diagnostics, and vehicle upgrades, many of which can be carried out at a time or location that suits you.

About The Tuning Industry

The Tuning industry is often a closed and secretive place, but there is a clear structure once you get past the smoke and mirrors.
Large interface providers do the hard work of establishing communication methods with the ECU. Tuning Software developers will then take the data, and create editing programs to allow the contents to be changed. This involves disassembling the code, finding out how it works, and creating patches to allow the changes to be stored.
Once inside, the Tuners are able to make changes and increase the output of the vehicle. Many other factors can also be modified, affecting how the car reacts and functions, changing the entire driving experience.
Once a successful file has been made, this with either be used by the Tuner that created it, or sold on to dealers.
Chiptuning dealers vary wildly in quality and experience. Many just have basic training of flashing the vehicle with no knowledge of the contents of the file they have uploaded. Others may be in between, specialising in certain vehicles which are done by themselves, and occasionally calling in support from other tuners who are more experienced in other fields.
Always check where your software is coming from. You will often find dealers providing the same software at different costs, claiming it as their own work, yet not fully understanding what they are uploading.
Any problems that manifest themselves can then take a long time to rectify, as the file needs to be passed back between people to the originator.
Similarly, without a solid knowledge of vehicle dynamics, electronics and software recovery tools, you may find a minor glitch can turn into a major problem.
Choose your tuner based on the quality and service provided. Low costs are often a sign of low value products, and inflated costs can often cost you far more for the same product available elsewhere.