Datalogging is a great tool for measuring the performance of your vehicle. It can be carried out in a number of different ways, either logging your existing ECU sensors, adding better sensors with higher resolution, or adding new sensors to measure parameters previously not covered. Most commonly, a wide band lambda is added to check the air/fuel mix, and accelerometers, tied in with throttle position and road speed can measure performance.

Many vehicles can output data direct from the ECU via the OBD2 protocol. An OBD2 interface can be added into the Log-chain to give calculated parameters used internally by the ECU so you can follow and record changes made according to the ECU image of the engine situation.

Datalogging tools

At EndTuning, we use a variety of logging systems, from a simple OBD2 Live-data recorder to fully built and custom installed systems from Innovate Motorsport. Datalogging can be expensive, with install time taking anything from 30 minutes to half a day, but your log files and software to visualise them will be supplied for you to keep and analyse. For more information on booking a Datalogging session, feel free to contact me and a system can be designed around your individual requirements, either hired or permanent install, or short term / half day track sessions at the location or testing ground of your choice.