eTune - Electronic Tuning Products

eTune is EndTuning's brand of electronic tuning products. Up until the 1980s, most vehicles used mechanical means to control the many variables involved in running an engine. Tuning and adjustment was limited to physical changes to components, or even exchanging parts. With the advent of the ECU, the control of variables was passed to a microprocessor, first with electronic fuel injection, and then electronic ignition controls. Modern ECUs now control almost every aspect of engine control, resulting in more powerful and efficient engines for today's world. One unfortunate drawback is the lack of user interaction. Many people might remember times spent under the bonnet of a car adjusting the carburettor, only to find modern vehicles greet you with a sheet of plastic, and just a dipstick and filler cap to see.

So What Is Electronic Tuning

Electronic tuning can be broadly divided into 2 categories, the first is add-on modules designed to alter signal data to provide "improved" results. This can be thought of as tricking the ECU into working in a way other than what it was programmed. An example would be a Diesel Tuning Box, or a speed limiter removal interface. The other form of electronic tuning is reprogramming the original control unit to respond in a different manner. This Virtual tuning is usually referred to as remapping. Follow the links to your left to learn more about what remapping is all about.